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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Walk for Farm Animals this weekend!

Hey all, hope you're staying warm and cuddly somewhere.  I've been chilly today since being at school, I am not used to being in air conditioning like that, brrr, it's making me want to curl up and finish my latest read The Girl with Glass Feet =)  Anyway the weather has been gorgeous, so much breezy fresh air and lots of pretty clouds.  It was very windy this weekend, I had pulled three of our basil plants, which are still rocking along great, out of the garden and potted them to bring inside for the winter.  I'm hoping for fresh homegrown basil all year!  I'll have to find them their favorite spot in the house.  After I had potted them I left them set in the back yard for a day or so and they got a little beat up from the 60 mph wind whipping around the house woops.  I picked them up and said some nice things to's hoping they recover.  So maybe you want to bring in some herbs for the winter too if you live where you get a winter.  I'm no expert, but now seems like a good time.

This weekend I'm walking in Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals.  This will be my first year and the 21st for the Ann Arbor walk!  This year's spokesperson is Bob Harper who those of us who watch the Biggest Loser know as one of the trainers, I was pretty excited to hear that he eats a plant based diet and also that he was going to lend his celebrity to the cause. 


I have a fundraising page if you're inclined to donate to the cause, email me (my email is in the top right) and I can send you the link.    THANKS to those of you who have already sponsored.  I am excited to be helping an organization that does such wonderful work that I'm passionate about.  This year for my birthday I asked for a donation to Farm Sanctuary instead of a gift.  Honestly the few things that I'd like are really wants and not needs, so I think this is a better use of money.  My parents made a very kind donation for my birthday.  I plan to visit the sanctuary and it's lovely animals someday. 


If you're interested in walking you can look here for the list of walks by state. 

Today I have a friendly reminder to oil your wooden cutting boards.  I unfortunately let mine get really dry sometimes, so I thought I'd give you a reminder in case you do the same ;)  It sort of reminds me of the front of Martha Stewart Living where she has a whole calendar with suggestions of tasks to complete that time of year.  It's been a long time since I've read her magazine or watched her show, but she was such an inspiration for me to begin cooking from scratch and getting back to the basics with household things and do it yourself projects, I was so infatuated with her!  Back in my younger college days I used to actually skip class and walk home when there was something on her show that I didn't want to miss!

Here are our boards rehydrating


What's everyone reading?  Any good book recommendations? 

Don't forget to smile today as much as you can =D  Smile at the computer, laugh, it feels good right?

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh

as always my gratitude for reading.

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  1. thank you for the reminder to oil those boards.

    the farm animal walk around here was last week but i decided to go visit some animals instead. felt great!