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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Curried Rice Soup

It's beginning to look a lot like fall around here, there I said it!  I'm not wishing away summer by any means, however we are fast approaching my favorite season here in Michigan =)  With that said it was pretty hot by the afternoon here today.  What's got me in the fall mood?  Well to start with the appearance of these lovelies at the farmer's market.


Squash, and my favorite kinds: kabocha and butternut!  yum.  We discovered kabocha last year at the FM, if you have not had it, do yourself a solid and try one, you can thank me later ;)  Kabocha squash go by many names Japanese pumpkin being one of the other most common.  I've seen these two varieties:  the orange and green and also a pretty greyish one. 

Our favorite way to enjoy them is roasted in halves (insides down) in the oven until tender.  I like mine with flax oil drizzled on and I eat the skins (aside from the really bumpy parts that look like warts).

For the better part of two weeks recently I was without a car.  On one of these days I decided to make a soup with what we had in the house and it turned out delicious if I do say so myself ;)  To the best of my memory this is it:

Curried Rice Soup

minced/chopped garlic (we use a lot, about 2-3 giant cloves)
chopped onion, I had a half so that's what I used
couple stalks of celery sliced
one carrot diced

(let these saute a bit in some olive oil until fragrant)

add in:
a cubed sweet potato
sliced fresh crimini mushrooms ( I used about 4 oz, but use double if you have them)
about 1 1/2 T curry powder
about 2 T dried thyme ( I like to break this up in the mortar and pestle before I add it in)
1 cup uncooked brown rice
(stir until the spices are mixed through)

add in:
(this is where I can't really remember the liquid measure, so use your judgement as always)
2-4 cups of low sodium vegetable broth/stock
2 cups of filtered water
1-2 bay leaves (ours were small so I used two)

(bring to a boil, cover and simmer until your rice is done about 30 minutes or so.  When the rice and potatoes are done to your liking, pull your bay, stir in 1/4 cup of nutritional yeast, mix through and serve)

you should also taste test for salt + pepper, you may need it depending on the sodium content of your stock and your palette/diet

I hope you enjoy it like we did!


It was a soup and salad night.  Salads were kale massaged with lemon juice, flax oil, and sea salt topped with leftover aduki beans, avocado, cucumber, walnuts, and tomato.


I always welcome soup leftover lunches =)


I was lucky to win a giveaway of Ultima Replenisher from Yoga Addicted (thank you Lauren and Mandy!).  I entered the giveaway with my husband in mind.  We don't buy drinks like Gatorade due to the artificialness of them and he loves to make homemade tart lemonade.  These replenishers are a lower sugar (sweetened with stevia) option than the lemonade without any added garbage!  So the verdict is that he gives them two thumbs up and likes the grape and wild raspberry flavors the best.  I really don't drink much of anything aside from smoothies and water and when it's cold, hot tea so I've yet to have one...I will be looking to buy more of these in our local store though for David once our box is gone. 



Check out Nikki's post for a good recipe idea using Ultima Replenisher. 

Speaking of yoga, I'm in withdrawl.  My session at the rec center ended and is on break and my school classes are the same time as my favorite Vinyasa classes I haven't attended a class in a week and now I'm full blown jonesing.  Tomorrow I will find a class somewhere...yes I can do a solo practice at home, but I LOVE class!  How about you guys, do you practice? 

Sweet dreams, teeth brushing and then bed ;)


  1. If I drool anymore, I might fry my computer! Today really felt like fall weather. Less than 70 degrees with that blustery wind that reminds me of piglet and pooh in the woods.

  2. MMMM does look so yummy. Still in the high 80's here but looking forward to some snuggling by the fire and bowls of soup!

    So happy your hubby likes the UR and hope you do too! Very easy to put in a cold water and go! Love it:) Thanks for the link, going to put you on my blog roll!

    Have a great day, Mandy