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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet stuff =)

Another knock out cheesecake from Sweet Gratitude is the Chocolate-Orange Cheesecake



The recipe calls for cacao butter, but we didn't have any (it's pretty pricey) so we subbed more coconut oil/butter combo, and it worked great. 

I garnished the cake with extra orange zest and cacao nibs


Mom and Dad shared this one with us too and it is my favorite one!  The orange and raw cacao combo is SO delicious.  Here Dad is prepping the cake for the freezer so it's easy to pull out one serving at a time. 


Here's also a couple of photos of the how the lemon wild blueberry cheescake turned out


Dad rocks with the photos huh? 


On Mom and I's Mother's Day trip last year to Petoskey we bought a super duper delicious beet hummus from The Grain Train  to share in our hotel room.  I haven't forgotten about it since and we had a lone beet hanging around so this was bound to happen...




First I quartered the raw beet and processed it until broken down pretty well.  Then I added all the ingredients to make Dreena Burton's Peanut Sesame Hummus, using two can of Eden garbanzos(I know I've said this before, but if you love hummus this cookbook is worth getting just for the hummus section alone, there are 8 recipes! the rest of the book rocks too.)  I was thinking that the combo of beet, toasted sesame oil, and tahini sounded great.  I forgot I wanted to use tahini instead of peanut I added more tahini to the batch.  It was good, but then it got all nice and married overnight in the fridge and it was really, really good!  Not to mention it was an absolutely beaultiful color.  This hummus was enjoyed with lots of veggies including this find...


in Michigan.  Thank you kind folks who are busy growning organic food in a greenhouse (I'm assuming) in the MI winter!  We bought these from Zerbo's and notice they're 50% off so they were like a dollar something for fresh organic local peas =)


One last item for today is that I have been grateful to receive two blog awards!  The first one is from Nikki at Live.Love.Yoga Blog.  Thank you SO much Nikki, I'm honored.  If you don't read Nikki's blog I highly encourage you to stop over.  She is a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher who writes expertly on living life and doing yoga.  This is a blog that I love to read for its thought provoking topics that so often bring self awareness and laughter =)  I do believe she is a modern day sage.  I met Nikki when I took her yoga classes while living in Las Vegas and about four years later her classes I still miss.  She really will take you to your edge and you will finish class feeling strong, centered, empowered, and smiling!  Lucky for us who are not local to her practice now, Nikki walks the walk with her service to the world and is offering podcasts of her classes on itunes or directly on her site here

so Thank You Nikki for my first blog award! -  Here is my cute award =)

With play come rules, and the rules are;

1. Thank the person that gave it to you

2. Copy the award to your blog

3. Pass the award forward to five other people of your choice

4. Share three things you like

I'd love to pass this award on to:

*Cora at Reflection: Mind, Body, and Soul who is thoughtfully beginning her blogging and sweet yoga adventure. 

*Averie at Love Veggies and Yoga  Averie's blog was the first food blog I started reading.  Many of her recipes are used/adapted here as staples in our kitchen

*Antony at Antony in London a fellow lover of raw foods and kitty cats where I love to read about inspiring raw recipes, art, and literature

*Be Verdant  my favorite holisitic health practitioner who keeps us up to date on big food, holistic health, and the beauty in the world

*Walk Slowly Live Wildly where I always find beautiful inspiration of creativity, life learning, and hooping!

3 things that I like are avocados, sunshine, and kitty purrs

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