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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hubby's lunch

I thought it would be fun to talk about what the hubby's lunch often looks like.  Monday -Friday we pack a lunch for him to eat at work.  This enables us to save money and more importantly eat healthy and how we choose to. 

In the morning we heat water for the Chemex and make a SS travel mug of organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee.  I will then use some of this heated water as it cools in my neti pot.  We also make a green protein smoothie which he drinks on the way into work.  

Good Morning Hubby Green Protein Shake (all organic)

10-15 ounces either filtered water or unsweetened almond milk
1 scoop of Raw Protein
1 tsp of spirulina
two handfuls of greens
1 banana
1 peeled orange
2 fresh pitted dates

blend all ingredients until smooth, we top ours with local bee pollen.  If I don't use any frozen berries in the shake I will add a couple of ice cubes to keep it cold. 

Green Protein Shake travels in a BPA free cup.  We have two cups so while one is in use the other can be washed and drying.  We originally used mason/ball jars, but hubby has broken one in the car (and yes it was full ;/)  this is more convenient for him and it fits in the cupholder of the vehicle he drives too.


Lunch consisted of an organic romaine salad with sliced organic fennel, piece of hormone free cheese (hubby is an omni outside of the house and eats plant based with ocassional cheese at home), and raw organic pumpkin seeds. 


I add the dressing on the bottom so it doesn't wilt the greens by lunch time.  This was Averie's Tahini Vegan Ceasar.  When I make this dressing I use less agave and add lots of powdered ginger that Averie suggests.  It's so good!


raw organic carrots and a sliced Bubbie's pickle


raw organic walnuts and organic fair trade chocolate


and an organic orange


We use glass containers, SS coffee mug, and a Klean Kanteen for water, a refreezeable ice pack, linen napkin and real flatware for packing lunches.  Basically just like eating at home only it all has to fit in the lunchbag ;) 

Other common items for hubby's lunch are:

organic nut/seed butter and jam on Ezekiel bread sandwich
veggie sandwich with cheese on Ezekiel bread
leftovers from dinner
celery sticks with or without nut/seed butter
other fresh fruits
chips with salsa and avocado/guac

Somedays I feel I am at a loss for new lunch ideas, I would love to hear any suggestions that you have please!  Do you pack a lunch for yourself or a loved one?

(please pardon the dingy looking pics, the sun is still snoozing when we get up ;)

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