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Friday, April 2, 2010

spring is slaw time

I got my little project hung up here, and I think I like it.  All you need is embroidery hoops, material, and shears to make your own.  You can find where I got my inspiration here.


The most delicious (according to me ;)  slaw recipe is from The Raw Food Revolution Diet


it's the kale and bok choy slaw with spicy sesame-ginger dressing

gorgeous bowl of nutrition, massaged kale, bok choy, apple, red onion, and I used sun-dried tomatoes.  Fresh tomatoes are not a reality this time of year here, soon though =)


all dressed up


this big batch of slaw was gone in two days and I made it again last night, so I'm just saying that I would recommend it ;)


leftover rice getting wrapped up for lunch


I was excited to find these two guys at WF this week.  I haven't used either yet, but think that the aminos are exciting for anyone who needs to avoid soy (I often wonder what I would do if I couldn't use Bragg's?)  and I'm looking forward to tasting the vinegar, has anyone tried these already?


have a sunshiney day =)

If you love Turtle Mountain coconut milk ice cream like we do go here to enter to win some, thanks HEAB and Turtle Mountain!


  1. Hi Tyrah,
    which WF did you find these at? I am in the AA/Detroit area and would love to try them.
    great blog - I get a lot of ideas from it :).

  2. I actually checked after you told me about these products about a week ago at my wf's but they dont stock them. The soy is probably too sodium heavy for me but will keep my eye out for the vinegar!

    love rawvolution, too. but i need more time to create things from it, it's a new book for me.

    have a great weekend tyrah!

  3. lovely looking salad!

    i use the coconut aminos since I do get reactions from soy if I use it too often. i love that it was invented.

    about your question about cats and smoothies--well one of my cats LOVES wheatgrass. don't know if he would eat a smoothie or the juice though. maybe i will try to add some wheatgrass juice and avocado together for a smoothie. the other kitty is pretty picky. she might eat it if i put fish oil on it or something like that. she doesn't much care for wheatgrass but i am guessing it is because she has only two teeth so she can't chew it like it needs to be chewed. all the other critters like the grass.

    i like your hoop wall hangings too. i might copy you.

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  5. I want to try that salad, I wasn't sure what bok choy is like raw. That coconut vinegar looks delectable!