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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

lentil joes

I had a desire to make sloppy joes from reading ChoosingRaw ( I can't find the exact post now... ) So out came Veganomicon from the bookshelf.  A cool tidbit here, if you have this cookbook, somewhere on the ppk site they have a list of the corrections for it, I went through it one day and marked them down in the book, good thing to know)  Anyway we enjoyed a warm meal of Snobby Joes for dinner.  They're easy to make with ingredients that you most likely already have in your kitchen. 
Changes that I made:
*used red bell instead of green (read yesterday's post)
*decreased the chile powder from 3 T to 1.5-2 T, three seemed like a lot to me, but use your judgement only you know how much chile heat you like.

onion, pepper, and garlic  (Tantre Farms onion and garlic, they grow the best giant garlic and our garden peppers)  I'm actually missing the FM today =(  our car has been at the doctor since Saturday.  It's pretty amazing how much cleaning and catching up gets accomplished when you're without your car!


If anyone is curious how dinners roll around here in a house with a omnivore boy and a plant-based girl, sometimes we eat the same dinner and sometimes it's a little different like this.  We had leftover buns from entertaining so Dave had a lentil joe on a bun with organic cheese, raw pickles and mustard. 


my dinner looked like this, romaine leafs with lentil joes, Daiya shreds, tomato, raw pickles.  The buns weren't nonvegan, but I really find that I LOVE as many raw veggies and greens in my diet as I can work in, and greens are something that I regularly crave.  They are the one item that I am sure to have stocked in the house. 


I don't remember if we had salad as well that night.  I am a big believer that greens are our such an essential food so I get Dave to eat as many greens as I can, it's not hard he does enjoy them.  I'd like to spread these slogans instead of the 'go meat!' one that's been on tv.  Eat More Kale!  Strong Men eat Greens!!!  So that's how it rolls here, we eat vegetarian/vegan meals at home (with dairy cheese being the last hold out that I shop for David), if we get carry out there will most likely be meat ordered in his meal, and then when we eat out he obviously chooses his own meal.  I am so grateful that I have a husband that understands and respects my lifestyle, it works smoothly here for us.  He is happy to share with others the difference the evolution of our eating has made on his cholesterol, that makes me pretty proud =)  We are happy and healthy together even if we do have some differences in our lifestyles.  I think patience and mutual respect with one another are key.  I wasn't vegan when we met and along the way he has projected no opposing opinions on me (does he harrass me?  of course, but that's about everything else and hardly about food ;)  and did I continue to cook meat for him after I was no longer eating it, yes.  Did it gross me out/have reservations about it? big I SO glad that he doesn't care that we don't have meat in the house anymore, YES.  Thank you Dave.  I know there must be other households like us and many that are not.  What's your story?  I do love comments and getting to know any readers better =)  hint hint...

Also leftover from enteraining was some guacamole we picked up at Costco, which turned out to be really yummy.  I usually make our guacamole, but when you're short on time and ripe do what you can. 

guac spread on romaine leafs, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


a frugal dinner of quinoa cooked in vegetable broth  (This is my broth of choice lately) with lightly sauted veggies in coconut oil from the garden and FM.  I added lots of dried herbs, a sprinkle of nutritional yeast,  and pepper, it was really tasty. 


ok so you know how much I love canning jars right, then you can imagine how excited I am about this.  My friend has an Etsy shop where they sell handcrafted light fixtures.  We're having one made for over the kitchen sink, yea!  I fell in love with it from this photo.

(image from thebluecabinet on Etsy)

I'm so geeked, I know I'm going to love it.  Here are the jars for our fixture.


I have a big thing for antique glassware.  I want to buy all the old Fire King measuring cups I see and any unique glass jars with lids, ooh boy I'm like a kid in a candy store antique shop ;) 

Check out the Etsy shop, I have new favorites  Rain and Marshmallow!

Maggie wanted to say hello again and show how much she loves her new nap spot.  This was not the reason I got the basket down, but I just can't take it away now ;) 


We are having the most beautiful weather here, this is what I'd order if it were an ordering kind of thing ;)
I see a bike ride and/or walk in my near future, but first I have a pile of ironing to tend to...
Enjoy your day xoxo!


  1. the light fixtures look totally right up your alley!! how creative!

    "decreased the chile powder from 3 T to 1.5-2 T"--GOOD CALL! I once made a popular bloggers' dip and didnt reduce her chili powder (enough) and honestly, it kinda almost ruined the dip. I reduced it some but should have done it way more but everyone trusts her so I was like, ok, sure, I'll go mostly along with it..big mistake. Way to listen to your inner chef voice!

    And Snobby Joes...I have never made them and it's 94 and hot here but this fall, they are on my to-make list!

  2. The light fixture made with canning jars is fabulous! What a great idea!

    I've never liked green peppers. Now I know why! And I'm always reducing the amount of chile powder, no matter how much a recipe calls for, as I don't like things especially hot. It's easy to add more, if wanted or needed.

    Your lentil joes look delicious! Hope you saved me one! ;)

  3. I agree that we need to encourage people to eat more greens. Even a few of my vegan pals do not eat enough greens. Or even any until I served them kale chips.

    Love the light fixture. And Maggie is gorgeous as usual.

  4. Aw, shucks, Tyrah<3
    Kisses to those kitties!

  5. Those lights are too cool! :) I always have romaine leafs as buns, so much better and fresher! :)