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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I heart yogurt.

Lately my breakfasts have been lovely thanks to the glorious peaches that are now in season, holy momma are they good!  I'll eat at least one big one sliced up in a bowl while my chias are gelling in some yogurt.

Our windowsill all summer =)


two bowls of goodness!


I've been rotating non-dairy yogurts until I found this one that has no sugar added. 


I do stir in some vanilla powder and a dab of agave and about 1-1.5 T chia seeds and let it hang out for about 20 minutes while the seeds gel.  It is tart and yummy, boy do I love chias in my diet.  This is what my husband says when somebody wants a taste of my yogurt...'it's not the yogurt you're thinking of..."  haha.

When Mom and I were in Petoskey shopping in a kitchen store I was so grateful to find the yogurt maker that I'd been thinking about ordering online.  It's the Yolife by Tribest.  I wanted this one because it comes with small glass jars and the extra tall lid so I can also use my canning jars to make bigger batches.  I have yet to use it since I now need to order a vegan culture/starter.  I'm really looking forward to experimenting with seed based yogurts. 

Here she is and she now has her own space in the cabinet =)


Does anyone have experience or recommendations for making vegan yogurts or the culture/starter that you like best?


  1. I've only used coconut meat to make vegan yogurt. I used regular probiotic powder from my health food store. But I just set it on the counter overnight, nothing special. I am far from a vegan yogurt expert!

    LOOOVE that peach season is here too!

  2. there's cultures by a co. called Cultures for Health (online, google them) but they are great OR just use a little bit of say coconut milk yogurt as your starter that's vegan. Once you buy that $4 little cup of yogurt LOL you'll never have to re-buy yogurt again! :)