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Sunday, February 21, 2010

no pooing update

It's been just shy of three weeks of no pooing my hair and I really dig the results!  I had read that I might experience a period of time of excessive oilyness, but I have not at all.  Maybe my hair was ready, I love it when things just happen organically.  This is the site where I found my instructions and have been going by them.  I've found that my hair has a lot more body and can go a day inbetween without washing no problem. 
Now I'm not one to really style my hair much (mostly ponies for me), it's a big deal for me to blow it out;), so I'm really enjoying that it behaves well on it's own and I think it actually looks better, not that I really care too too much about it, but just wanted to give a little review if anyone is thinking about giving it a whirl. 

here's a photo from a previous post of the baking soda paste and cider vinegar ready for the shower


another Costco find, like 13 pounds of baking soda for if I remember correct around $5-$6.  This will be great for the no pooing, baking/cooking, and cleaning.  Anyone else use baking soda for cleaning/removing stains?  Part of our kitchen has white laminate countertops and as anyone who has them knows that if you leave vanilla, curry, etc. on it, it likes to stain, well, trusty baking soda takes it right up.  I will dampen some baking soda and leave it on the stain and later wipe and scrub it away. 


since I was heading into the shower I thought I'd share my routine that I think I have pretty streamlined.  Our favorite bar soaps are Kirk's Castile and Dr.Bronner's.  I did just place a bulk order for Kirk's bars at the co-op so we'll be stocked up for a while. 


We use this for face washing and LOVE it.


We buy the big bottle to refill and save money and packaging by doing so.  We buy both of these at Whole Foods


For face moisture I use evan healy.  It was recommended by a gal who works in the whole body dept. at Whole Foods, I tried it, and have been loving it ever since.  This is the one I use during the dry winter months here and whenever I need a little extra moisture. 


I use this Blue Chamomile Day Moisture during the summer, it smells so, so , so good and absorbs right into your skin. 

Some days my hair could use some taming ;)  I keep a small jar of organic virgin coconut oil in the bathroom to use on the ends to keep them under control, and smelling a little coconutty isn't a bad thing either (I daydream about being in Hawai'i a lot ;)


this is the same oil that we use in the kitchen I just scoop some out for this use too. 


alright, enough talk about bathroom stuff.  As I was eating a mandarin this week I couldn't help but stop and notice how gorgeous food really is, do you often stop and really appreciate it?  Here's a segment of the mandarin, I think I was also feeling happy that the sun was shining ;)  It's full of life giving nutrients, I had to give some appreciation for many things, a couple are that we have food to eat, and that there are growers tending to and growing great organic food. 


I try to practice midful eating, but more often than not I find myself eating in front of the tv at night or the computer or a book during the day.  Do any of you practive mindful eating?  Here's a gorgeous avocado from this week, another amazing plant food.


Averie at LoveVeggiesandYoga is having a give away of coconut peanut butter from Tropical Traditions.  I would love to win this, it must taste amazing, coconut and peanut butter together!  It's organic and the peanuts are free of aflatoxins, pretty cool.  You can enter to win here.

Happy Sunday.

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  1. Food truly is gorgeous, you are so right. The orange and the avo, just beautiful!

    Thanks for the linky love.

    I have never gotten into no pooing, it's one holistic route I just can't get to :)

    Thx for the bathroom product info! I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The dessert essence...i tried it but the smell was too natural for me. Too something. And I couldnt stand it and i took it back (to TJ's which is where i got it). I normally dont mind TTreeOil but in, i couldnt hang.

    The coconut oil for hair. Yep. Do it.

    The Evan Healy, great info, thank you! If you have any other face washes that you love, holla!!!!