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Thursday, February 11, 2010

mini PB and AB cups, mmmmm!

ok, so between the valentine's day chocolate commercials and reading all the chocolate lovin going on at LoveVeggiesandYoga I couldn't help but make another batch of cups ;) 
This time I wanted to make them more of a two biter size.  I found these silicone cups at Williams Sonoma


bonus, they're even made in the US. 

these are the chocolate bars I used.  They're from Trader Joe's and are $1.99 each.  One is fair trade and one is organic.  After I was at TJ that day I stopped into the co-op and all kinds of choc. bars were on sale so I stocked up on some Equal Exchange and Endangered Species bars for future cup making, oh wow, how good will mint cups be???


I also wanted to make half of them with almond butter, so the FP whipped up a new batch of homemade raw almond butter


for the AB cups I added a few dribbles of raw agave, dash of vanilla powder, and a tsp of maca powder.


AB on the left, PB on the right.  For the PB filling I again used Averie's recipe.  The PB was a little on the soft side (it is a new jar and I don't always get it stirred completely well, so we enjoy extra oily PB on top and less on the bottom : / )  delicious none the less.


ok, so here they are.  Adorable right?  The silicone cups worked perfect, Dave walks over after eating one and says these get thrown away, right?  and then winks, he loves to harrass me and truth be told I love it too, haha!


inside of an AB cup


shared dessert last night


wonder if any of these will last until valentine's day??? it's alright if they don't, we don't celebrate it anyway ;)
everybody getting their fill of chocolate lately or is it just me?
I just read some exciting news that Ani Phyo is having a new book out this spring (April 1st)  Ani's Raw Food Essentials.  If you're on Facebook, she has her Garden Pate recipe as her status update, it's one of my favorite recipes in her Raw Food Kitchen book. 


  1. Thank you for telling me you made these and love the PB discs you made..well, I should say AB discs. Perfect.

    LOVE those molds. Did you order those or buy em locally at your W.S.? I like stuff like that but I dont need to spend any more $ on kitchen gadgets LOL

    Anyway thanks for the Ani tip, I think she is my fave raw author in terms of real life recipes. I never follow any of them, lol, but it gives me ideas.

    BTW love your new header!

  2. Averie, I picked them up locally, I know I debated about the money, but went ahead anyway ;)
    I'm excied about her new book!
    When is yours coming out?? =)